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Graduate StudiesThe University of NC Greensboro has one of the oldest established Women’s and Gender Studies programs in the U.S.  Building upon UNCG’s historical mission as the Women’s College of North Carolina, our MA degree in Women’s and Gender Studies focuses on meeting crucial social needs in our region and beyond.  Unique in the country, it is currently the only master’s degree program in Women’s and Gender Studies in the state of North Carolina, and the only one available between Baltimore and Atlanta.

Traditional master’s programs in public health and social work generally address gender by “adding on” discrete courses and units; traditional master’s programs in Women’s and Gender Studies are, with few exceptions, designed to prepare students for doctoral work.

The Women’s and Gender Studies Program offers an interdisciplinary graduate program of study leading to a Master of Arts degree in women’s and gender studies that prepares graduates for professional employment and for further study.

The MA degree is a natural extension of UNCG’s Women’s and Gender Studies program’s educational mission and history. It builds upon our successful post-baccalaureate certificate and will, we believe, become a national model in the field of Women’s Studies.

Students are admitted to the M.A. degree program on the basis of academic achievement without regard to undergraduate major. In addition to the application materials required by The Graduate School, applicants must submit a statement of purpose highlighting motivation, specific option/area of interest within the program, relevant experience or background particular to the proposed study and a sample of analytical or professional writing of 5-15 pages.

The application deadline is February 1 for admission for the fall semester. Please note that the Graduate School prefers to receive applications electronically via the online application system.

Students are also strongly encouraged to submit the FAFSA form in order to be eligible for Graduate Deans Awards, which provide financial support to graduate students in financial need who have not received an assistantship or other scholarship. Information on the FAFSA is available on the UNCG Financial Aid website.

When using the ApplyYourself system, these points may be of help:

  1. Until you have paid the $60 application fee, your application cannot be completed - there are components that you will not have access to until this step is taken.
  2. Once you have paid your application fee, you will be able to submit personal information into the system, including your personal statement, resume and a writing sample. Please note that ApplyYourself only provides 2 uploading boxes (named Supplemental Documents A&B) for these three documents. So, we recommend that you cut and paste your personal statement into the box and also upload your writing sample into the Supplemental Documents A window. (sorry - at this time AY can't add another window).
  3. The boxes for Recommendations, Entrance Exam Scores and Transcripts will be colored in when all those components have been entered. Any blanks will indicate an incomplete application - double check with the source to make sure the information has been sent.
  4. All components of the application must be completed/submitted to the AY system before we are able to circulate your application to our committee.


Find out more information about the Graduate School.

See the extensive PDF document MA FAQs8-12 for additional detailed answerws to Frequently Asked Questions.

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