University Registrar's Office

N.C. Community College Course Equivalencies


Please be aware that UNCG academic departments may decide that current course content is not now the same as when the course was originally completed and may require transfer students to repeat major-related courses.

Students who earn the A.A./A.S. degree from a North Carolina community college and earned grades of C or better will be eligible for 60 semester hours of credit, junior standing, and will have met General Education Core (GEC) requirements. Students who earn C- or D grades in the A.A./A.S. program may or may not be admitted as juniors, but will not have GEC waived.

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Even though GEC may be waived, completion of some General Education requirements specific to a student's major and/or foreign language may be required during UNCG enrollment. Please refer to the Undergraduate Bulletin for complete General Education information.