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The University Registrar's Office (URO) mails diplomas awarded to recipients of baccalaureate degrees after all graduation clearance is completed for a term. The Graduate School mails diplomas to all graduate degree recipients. Students graduating in December usually receive diplomas in late January; those graduating in May receive diplomas in June; students graduating at the end of summer session receive diplomas in September (October for graduate students).

Diplomas are mailed to the permanent addresses listed on the students' degree applications. Undergraduate students wishing to verify that their correct mailing address is printed on the degree application should contact Graduation Services Division of the URO at 336/334-5946. Graduate students should contact The Graduate School at 336/334-5596.

Diplomas show the official name of the degree awarded. See the Undergraduate Bulletin for authorized baccalaureate degrees and The Graduate Bulletin for authorized graduate-level degrees and certificates. Majors, concentrations, and minors are not printed on the undergraduate diploma, in accordance with University policy; this information does appear on the student's official academic transcript.

The cost of the original diploma is covered by the graduation fee. Note that the undergraduate diploma measures 8.5 x 11, while the graduate diploma is 11 x 14.

Outstanding Balances Owed to the University

Students who have outstanding financial obligations to the University will not receive diplomas in the mail, and will be unable to obtain official transcripts until such obligations have been taken care of in the Cashiers and Students Accounts Office.

Also see Undergraduate Degree Application Form and Graduate Degree Application Form.

Replacement and Duplicate Diplomas

Replacement baccalaureate diplomas may be ordered from the University Registrar's Office for a fee of $50. E-mail Graduation Services for more information:

Replacement diplomas for master's, specialist, and doctoral degrees ($60) may be ordered from The Graduate School.

The Graduate School Office processes graduate degree applications and releases master's and doctoral diplomas. See The Graduate School Office.