Using Kin Web People Pages

The KIN web people pages are a set of PHP scripts, and a Google Spreadsheet document that together allow for easy updating of the KIN homepages. The Google spreadsheet is called "kin web people" . It contains all the data needed to create homepages for KIN faculty and staff and graduate students.

To Update Kin Homepages

  • Open the Google Doc Spreadsheet called Kin Web People. If you are logged into UNCG Google mail, this document should open if it has been shared with you. If you are not logged in then you will be asked to log in.
  • Find the row that contains your UNCG username. Fill in or edit the columns that are pertinent to you . You don't have to fill in every column.
  • To create paragraphs in your "Brief Bio " column (i.e. you have a longer Bio ) you need to separate the paragraphs with
    "<br /><br />". These are just HTML tags that create line breaks.
  • Place your photo in the folder "kin/images/faculty" of the kin web files. If you don't have permission to access that folder, send it to the web person for your department .
  • Name the photo with this convention : "your-uncg-username.jpg". Some people have aliases for their username. Do not use the alias. The naming convention for your standard UNCG username is first initial, middle initial, first 6 characters of your last name or 5 characters and a number if that is not unique.
  • Click on the "Web updater link" in the next section of this page after you finish updating the spreadsheet. If successful you will receive a confirmation message.
  • Open in a browser. Click on your name in the list to see your homepage.

If you have problems contact Frances Clerk at . If you cannot open the Google spreadsheet can also contact another person who has permissions to this document. They should be able to share it with you.

The scripts that make these pages work came out of a one-day workshop in the Department of Mathematics at UNCG. These scripts were originally conceived of by Sebastian Pauli and written by Dan Yasaki, and Brian Sinclair . They have been adapted for KIN.

Web Page Updater

Update data from Google Drive and choose Allow access .

Web page information was last updated: June 12, 2015 (12:03:50).