KIN 610 Statistics
Learning outcomes include conceptual understanding of statistics and ability to use SPSS to conduct statistical analyses.

KIN 611 Research Methods
Concepts and methods of research for exercise and sport science; formulation of problems, design and methodologies, evaluation of research, development of research proposals.

KIN 645 Exercise Psychology
In this course, graduate students are provided the opportunity to explore research related to the various mental health outcomes of exercise participation and to examine theoretical approaches to increasing exercise adherence.

KIN 665 Physical Activity and Health
The primary purpose of this course is to provide its students with correct and up-to-date information concerning physical activity/exercise as it relates to physical and mental health outcomes. Largely parallels the 1996 U.S. Surgeon Generalís report Physical Activity and Health with updated referencing. Co-taught with Dr. Paul Davis.

KIN 748 Advanced Topics in Exercise Psychology
An in-depth examination of the effects of exercise on various mental health outcomes and the mechanisms underlying these relationships. The initial focus will be on cognitive performance with other mental health outcomes to be selected by the class.