Scholarships in KIN

Pearl Berlin Graduate Student Writing Award




The paper should be a research report or paper addressing a current topic in Kinesiology, and the style should be appropriate for the nature of the paper (e.g., APA, University of Chicago).

More specifically, the paper should contain: (a) a topic that gives evidence of originality, significance, and relevance; (b) content that is accurate; (c) a writing style that is focused, well organized, and carefully integrated; (d) information that is clearly expressed; and (e) a paper that is technically accurate (e.g., proper citations, correct grammar). The paper must have meritorious writing; it cannot qualify on the other criteria alone. The award need not be given in any particular year if a paper of meritorious quality is not submitted.


The paper should be written by a graduate student in Kinesiology. Students must be enrolled at UNCG during the semester in which the submission is made. Only single author papers will be accepted. All authors must be graduate students. A paper on which faculty help was given to a student in connection with a course is eligible for submission. However, a paper on which faculty help was given to a student beyond or outside of a course is ineligible. A paper based on an area of study formulated by a student from a faculty member's existing focus of study is eligible, but the student must still formulate the ideas contained in the paper and write the paper him/herself. The paper must be submitted for consideration while a student is enrolled at UNCG. Students may win the award only one time.


A call for papers with a clearly stated deadline shall go out in the Fall of each year.

Length of the paper shall be a maximum of 30 pages including of references, typed and doubled spaced.

Papers shall be reviewed twice: (a) first by faculty who are specialists in the content area of the paper (if more than one paper, faculty will rank and give rationale); and (b) second by a committee of three whose responsibility it is to apply the criteria for selection to the best papers from each content area. Where appropriate, faculty may serve at both review levels.

The committee charged with the second review shall consist of two full time graduate Kinesiology faculty members (two-year staggered terms) and the most recent award recipient. The graduate program coordinator establishes the second level review committee and appoints a chair. When possible, the chair should be serving in his/her second term. The chair shall implement the process leading to selection and presentation of the award.


The award shall be presented formally at the time the recipient or a designee gives presentation of his/her paper during the Spring Semester.