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Our Mission

. .To promote fellowship
among the representative nations
on the campus of UNCG..

What is ISA?

International Students Association (ISA) is a student organization at The University of North Carolina at Greensboro (UNCG) with special interest in promoting international diversity on campus. ISA is one of the largest and most respected student organizations on campus with over 500 members consisting of students, university faculty, and community members! ISA works very closely with the International Programs Center, the Office of Students Life, the Students Government Association, and various internationally focused community organizations within the Greensboro community.

What is the goal of ISA?

The goal of ISA is to assist with the internationalization of UNCG and the Greensboro Community by promoting fellowship among the representative nations found on the UNCG campus.

Who are the members?

Membership is established by attending ISA events and it is open to all of the student body regardless of national origin. Membership is also extended to globally minded university faculty and community members.

How is ISA regulated?

ISA is advised by the International Programs Center and operates via a constitution, which has been approved and is on file with the Office of Student Life. An Executive Board consisting of publicly elected ISA Officers acts as the governing body. ISA attends bi-weekly meetings of the Student Government Association (SGA). Appeals for funding are made to the SGA's Financial Committee, but ISA is mostly self-funded via various fundraising activities.

ISA Executive Board

President: Carla Guevara

Vice-President: Alyssa Blair

Secretary: Siatta Mansaray

Business Manager: Brandi Le

Public Relations: Puneet Wadhwari

Volunteer Coordinators: Sofia Mosquera, Stephanie Brabec, Simone Cappati & Olivia Bond

Friday Fest Coordinators: Miki Jimbo and Wei Wang

Faculty Advisor: Denise Bellamy

Are there ways for me to get more involved with ISA?

Yes! ISA welcomes volunteers to serve on a wide range of committees. Regardless of your academic major, ISA can provide you with relevant career related experience, a most helpful letter of recommendation, and our eternal gratitude.

What are some activities sponsored by ISA?

Trips within North Carolina and beyond, Annual International Festival, Weekly Friday Fests, Semi Formal Dance, International Education Week activities, etc.

How can I learn more?

Visit our website for updates

Visit one of our weekly meetings

Subscribe to the ISA E-mail List (e-mail to ipgga2@uncg.edu)




International Programs Center

207 Foust

Greensboro, NC 27402