University Administrators


Office of the Chancellor

Chancellor (Acting)
Dana L. Dunn, Ph.D.
Vice Chancellor and Chief of Staff
Bonita J. Brown, J.D.
General Counsel (Interim)
Elizabeth C. Bunting, J.D.
Associate University Counsel
Michael R. Jung, J.D.
Director, Intercollegiate Athletics
Kimberly S. Record, M.S.
Director of Strategic Initiatives (Interim)
Nikki Baker, B.A.
Vice Chancellor, University Relations (Interim)
James L. Thornton, B.A.

Academic Affairs

Provost and Executive Vice Chancellor
Dana L. Dunn, Ph.D.
Vice Chancellor for Research & Economic Development
Terri L. Shelton, Ph.D.
Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs
Cheryl M. Callahan, Ph.D.
Vice Provost
J. Alan Boyette, Ph.D.
Associate Provost for International Programs
Penelope J. Pynes, Ph.D.
Undergraduate Studies
Bennett H. Ramsey, Ph.D., Coordinator of Undergraduate Studies
Sara J. Littlejohn, Ph.D., Senior Faculty Fellow, Ashby Residential College
Meg L. Horton, Senior Faculty Fellow, Grogan Residential College
Anne C. Barton, Senior Faculty Fellow, Strong Residential College
John R. Sopper, M.A., Director, Faculty Teaching and Learning Commons
Lee Phillips, Ph.D., Director, Undergraduate Research, Scholarship & Creativity Office
Kimberly M. Cuny, M.F.A., Director, The University Speaking Center
Jennifer L. Whitaker, Interim Director, The University Writing Center
Lindsay A. Sabatino, M.A., Director, The Digital ACT Studio
The Graduate School
William R. Wiener, Ph.D., Dean
Laura A. Chesak, Ph.D., Associate Dean
J. Scott Hudgins, M. Div., Assistant Dean
The College of Arts & Sciences
Timothy D. Johnston, Ph.D., Dean
Denise N. Baker, Ph.D., Associate Dean
Robert C. Hansen, Ph.D., Associate Dean
Thomas R. Kwapil, Ph.D., Associate Dean, College Office of Research
Karen H. Patrick, B.S., Business Operations Manager
Joseph M. Bryan School of Business & Economics
McRae C. “Mac” Banks II, Ph.D., Dean
William O. Brown, Ph.D., Interim Associate Dean
Joyendu Bhadury, Ph.D., Associate Dean
Pamela R. Cash, M.S., Assistant Dean
School of Education
Karen K. Wixson, Ph.D., Dean
Terry Ackerman, Ph.D., Associate Dean
Samuel Miller, Ed.D., Associate Dean
Meredith Carlone, Ph.D., Assistant Dean
School of Health & Human Sciences
Celia R. Hooper, Ph.D., Dean
Kathleen Williams, Ph.D., Associate Dean for Academic Undergraduate Programs
David H. Demo, Ph.D., Associate Dean for Academic Graduate Programs
Cheryl A. Lovelady, Ph.D., Associate Dean for Research
Charles C. Dent, B.S., Assistant Dean for Operations and Administration
Lisa B. Walker, M.B.A., Assistant Dean for Research Finance and Operations
Eileen Miller, M.P.H., Assistant Dean
School of Music, Theatre, and Dance
Peter Alexander, Ed.D., Dean
Kelly Burke, D.M.A., Interim Associate Dean
School of Nursing
Robin E. Remsburg, Ph.D., Dean
Anita Tesh, Ph.D., Associate Dean
Eileen G. Kohlenberg, Ph.D., Associate Dean
Debra C. Wallace, Ph.D., Associate Dean for Research
Lloyd International Honors College
Jerry Pubantz, Ph.D., Dean
Sarah A. Krive, Ph.D., Assistant Dean
University Libraries
Rosann V. Bazirjian, M.L.S., M.S., Dean
Kathy M. Crowe, M.L.S., M.A., Associate Dean for Public Services
Michael A. Crumpton, M.L.S., Assistant Dean for Administrative Services
Beth R. Bernhardt, M.L.S., Ph.D., Assistant Dean for Collections & Scholarly Communications
Timothy M. Bucknall, M.L.S., M.A., Assistant Dean for Electronic Resources & Information Technology
Division of Continual Learning
James M. Eddy, Ph.D., Dean
Nora S. Reynolds, A.B., Executive Director
Academic Services
Andrea R. Whitley, B.A., Associate Vice Provost for Faculty Personnel Services
Anjanie G. Bledsoe, B.S., Interim Director of Faculty Personnel Services
Elizabeth W. Meeks, B.S., Associate Vice Provost for Academic Resources
Bo Bodenhamer, B.A., B.S., Associate Vice Provost for Academic Technology Systems
Judith C. Smith, B.S., Director of Space Management
Leigh T. Olsen, M.Ed., Assistant Vice Provost for Faculty Services
Assessment and Accreditation
Jodi E. Pettazzoni, Ph.D., Director
Enrollment Management
Bryan J. Terry, Ph.D., Associate Provost for Enrollment Management
Deborah D. Tollefson, M.S., Director of Financial Aid
Elise K. Keller, M.S., Director of Undergraduate Admissions
Deb Banks Hurley, M.Ed., Interim University Registrar
Laura M. Pipe, Director, Office of Learning Communities
John E. Foreman, Director, Student Success Center
Dana Saunders, Director, Students First Office
Kristin T. Christman, Director, Undergraduate Student Excellence
Genetic Counseling Program
Nancy E. Callanan, M.S., Director
Gerontology Program
Rebecca G. Adams, Ph.D., Director
Institutional Research
Sarah D. Carrigan, Ph.D., Director
International Student & Scholar Services
Michael J. Elliott, M.A., M.Ed., Director
Study Abroad & Exchange Programs
Denise Bellamy, M.Ed., Director
Summer Session
Kathleen Forbes, M.Div., Director
UNC Exchange Program (UNCEP)
Catherine Holderness, Ph.D., Interim Director
Weatherspoon Art Museum
Nancy M. Doll, M.A., Director

Business Affairs

Vice Chancellor for Business Affairs
Charles A. Maimone, M.B.A., M.Ed.
Associate Vice Chancellor for Campus Enterprises
Michael T. Byers, M.B.A.
Associate Vice Chancellor for Facilities
Jorge Quintal, M.C.E.
Associate Vice Chancellor for Finance
Steven W. Rhew, CPA
Assistant Vice Chancellor for Foundation Finance
Jill. Hillyer, B.S.
Associate Vice Chancellor for Human Resources
Edna Chun, D.M.
Associate Vice Chancellor for Safety & Risk Management
Rollin R. Donelson, M.Ed.

Information Technology Services

Vice Chancellor for Information Technology Services & Chief Information Officer
James Clotfelter, Ph.D.
Associate Vice Chancellor for Client Services
Gloria Thornton, M.A.
Associate Vice Chancellor for Systems & Networks
Donna Heath, M.S.
Associate Vice Chancellor for Administrative Systems
Laura R. Young, M.B.A.

Research & Economic Development

Vice Chancellor for Research & Economic Development
Terri L. Shelton, Ph.D.
Sponsored Programs
Valera T. Francis, Ph.D., Director
Research Integrity
Cristy McGoff, M.A., Director
Innovation Commercialization
L. Staton Noel, M.B.A., M.S., Director
Economic Development and Corporate Engagement
Bryan C. Toney, M.S., Associate Vice Chancellor

Student Affairs

Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs
Cheryl M. Callahan, Ph.D.
Associate Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs
Jim S. Settle, Ph.D.
Dean of Students
Brett A. Carter, Ph.D.
Campus Activities & Programs
Alexandra C. Marchesano, M.S., Director
Campus Recreation
Jill M. Beville, Ph.D., Director
Career Services Center
Patrick Madsen, Ph.D, Director
Elliott University Center
William L. Parrish, B.A., Director
Office of Accessibility Resources & Services
Bruce E. Pomeroy, M.A., Director
Housing & Residence Life
Timothy J. Johnson, J.D., Director
Intercultural Engagement
Audrey Lucas, M.S., Director
Leadership & Service Learning
Cathy H. Hamilton, Ph.D., Director
New Student & Spartan Family Programs
Kim Sousa-Peoples, Ph.D., Director
Student Health Services
Tresa M. Saxton, Ph.D., Director

University Advancement

Vice Chancellor for University Advancement
Jan Zink, Ed.D.
Associate Vice Chancellor for Central Development Programs
Judy Piper, M.B.A.
Alumni Affairs and Annual Giving
Mary Landers, Director
Craig Fink, P.M.B.A., Associate Director